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Day 200: always remember ... ♥

Tags: !gifs, character: ally
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Beautiful! <3

I'm sorry I was unable to post last night bb- both my cable and internet were out all night due to an area problem! Luckily they got it fixed by morning!
OMG, that sucks bb! I hate when that stuff happens. I'm glad everything is all fixed now.
Yes, or else my Mom would be on the phone w/the cable company 24/7! LOL!
LOL, my mom is exactly the same! She gets really annoyed when this stuff happens because, you know, TV is her life now ... lmao.
TV has been my life for a very long time, so I understabd! LOL! :0)
Yeah, TV was my life too ... until I got my own the computer, LOL.
LOLZ- Both are my life I should say!